ENOVA operates under a fully accredited Quality Assurance Program that meets the requirements of 10CFR Appendix B program for performing work for nuclear power facilities. This QA program also meets and exceeds requirements of an ISO 9000 programs. Furthermore, ENOVA is also fully qualified under 3rd party auditing performed by PICS auditing for work at various power and industrial companies.

Every single technical project undergoes our rigorous internal Quality Assurance requirements. In addition to 10CFR Appendix B requirements for tracking of technical design input, project technical communications, documentation, and independent technical quality reviews, every single project at ENOVA goes through technical checking and verification by independent qualified engineers to ensure highest technical quality of services.

ENOVA maintains and fully tests all of the software that it employs in its daily project use to the requirements of our in-house QA program. We currently have the following software platforms fully Validated and Verified (V&V) in accordance with Software Validation requirements of our QA Program: