Below is a sample of typical ENOVA Projects across various disciplines:

1-  Seismic Margin Assessment of two water storage tanks
2-Impact analysis of reinforced concrete wall subject to high velocity tornado borne missile impact loads
3-Impact analysis of reinforced concrete slab subject to impact loads associated with low velocity drop of heavy objects
4-Non-linear seismic analysis of a reinforced concrete mat foundation under seismic loading
5-Non-linear seismic demand analysis of battery rack assemblies
6-Seismic fragility calculations for the spent fuel building as a result of dry cask operations
7-Non-linear seismic analysis of the main polar crane inside a concrete dome structure
8-Numerous seismic analysis and design related projects in support of dry cask storage and ISFSI for high seismic sites
9-Seismic vulnerability assessment of power generation and T&D facilities for a power company
10-Seismic Certification of high voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) equipment according to IEEE 693 Standard by detailed seismic testing
11-Evaluation of the various floors and impact on plant design basis response spectra as a result of movement of heavy loads along the load path
12-Structural analysis of a reinforced concrete building subject to revised accident temperature conditions
13-Large scale seismic experiment at Hualien site to research and assesses current SSI analytical methods
14-Seismic analysis and certification of two surge arrestors in support of new installation for an HVDC facility in a high seismic zone area
15-Non-linear seismic analysis of rigging frame under heavy transient load
16-Prediction of sliding and rocking of rigid bodies subject to seismic input using Fast Non-linear Analysis (FNA) formulation
17-Seismic analysis and certification of next generation advanced power plants including SSI and response spectra generation
18-Seismic non-linear pounding analysis of two adjacent structures